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The most powerful and customizable football teams formation app. Create your own soccer team with OLE Lineup. Share arranged team with your friends and followers on social media.

OLE Lineup App
  • Easy To Customize

    OLE Lineup is the best way for you to find other players in your city and make arrangements on the ground. Enjoy a great game and be part of a growing sports.

  • User Friendly

    You just need to download the app and register yourself. OLE Lineup will connect you with other players. Create your game and start the lineup.

  • Free Update

    From time to time OLE Lineup is growing and introduces new features as per the player's suggestions.

  • Fully Secured

    OLE Lineup Share is fully secure and convenient for sharing your lineup and discussing your teams.

More From The App Inside

While most users use OLE Lineup App for the formation of their teams and to share on social media, there are also a lot of other features in the below screenshots.

OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App
OLE Lineup App

How Does This App Work?

Generate local teams using OLE Lineup as they are hard to find on other platforms. OLE family has 5K+ members, all with extraordinary skills, expertise, and craze of football. So, you can easily find friends or teams to play with.

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